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RexBeaute Cleansing Foam
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Rich creamy foam rinses off easily
  • Leaving no sticky and tight feeling
  • Contains Moisturing Essence which leaves skin softer and more supple.
RexBeaute Collagen (Skin Care)
  • For normal skin with a fresh soft touch
    Smooth over face both morning and night
  • The important of collagen to youthful -looking skin. Young and beautiful skin is resilient and supple. It is the Collagen in the skin that keep out skin Dewy and elastic, by retaining a bundant moisturizes in itself
  • It is therefore important to keep the collagen in our skin fresh and healthy. If we want a youthful looking skin always.
RexBeaute Medicream

Rex Beaute is a new found cream. Its active, effective ingredients tested clinically by specialist from France and Italy.

Rex Beauty Medicream is specially formulated to eradicate

Pimples - Cures and easing away scars and helps prevent it from reappering.
Freckles (Acne) - Eases out freckles and keeps skin clear
Dry Skin - Helps moisturizes the skin and activate dead tissues. Doing away with uneven skin tones.
Oily Skin - Helps reduce skin pore from producing extra oil.
Rough Skin - Helps smoothen, cleans, shines and makes the skin fairer.
Pigmentation - Soothes away pigmentation marks on the skin, keeping the skin clear and supple.

All make-ups and facial wash with alcohol are not encouraged

Apply thinly on the inflamed spot and all over the face twice daily.
(use morning and night)

Production Guaranteed:
The effectiveness can be seen within 2 or 3 weeks

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